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Terre Boisée 2018

Tasting Notes: 

Arises from the marriage of two main Southern grape varieties.
The generous and exuberant Grenache brings mellowness and greedy fruits
The Syrah, variety of great character, brings power and delicacy.
The toasted, rich and subtle nose reveals complex aromas of ripe red berries, scents of cedar and soft spices.
The round and full mouth, marrying delicacy and structure, confers a beautiful balance. Finale is long, deliciously chocolate and slightly roasted.


Match with food:

To be served at 14°.

Ideal on red and white meats, spicy dishes, Mediterranean specialties (moussaka, lamb tajine) and cheese.


will age for 5 years.

Grape varieties:

 Grenache –  Syrah


This cuvée arises from our best soils, from vineyards with low yield (35 à 40 Hl/Ha). The meticulous selection is done with passion by Amélie who goes through the vineyard all year round and advises our wine growers.

Terre Boisée 2018